Monday, October 11, 2010

shop is open

as you might have noticed i have a new button over there on the right. yep, i've finally opened my shop! so exciting! there's already a bunch of stuff in there including sock monkeys and crayon rolls. tonight i've just made myself a cute bow. i shoved it on a headband but i think i'll put them on clips if i make them for the shop, easier to post that way.

had a nice browse around the norwood market yesterday. didn't see a whole lot worth parting with my precious pennies for but i did get a playsuit for gracie which was totally adorable with lil bunnies all over it and a steal at just 10 bucks. afterwards we had an ice cream and then took a stroll down the parade. managed to drag them in to one of my favourite shops, seed. ohhhhh i like that shop. so many pretty girls clothes. i'm ashamed to say i barely even looked at the boys stuff. then took those sticky ice cream faced boys home but not before stopping at the playground for a run around.

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