Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bed dilemma

the bed dilemma. i can't find one!? where are all the nice single beds in adelaide? well it's not so much that i haven't seen a nice one, just haven't seen the right one for harrison. i almost need to use a shoe horn to get gracie out of the bassinet so it's time to move her in to the cot which of course means booting harrison out of the cot and getting him in to a bed. i thought i'd just be able to browse a few bed stores and find what we needed but oh no that would just be too convenient and easy wouldn't it? i would have liked to be more organised and had harrison in a bed before gracie was even born but i just couldn't find one that suited back then. i don't want a white bed or a huge chunky wooden bed. i don't want anything too modern looking either that's going to look ugly and out of place in a couple of years. it also can't be too high since harrison is a very small boy for his age and also extremely clumsy. he has a gorgeous dresser and drawer set which is cream and his curtains are green, blue and off white. the best thing i can come up with at the moment is the ikea minnen bed, pictured below. however i can't seem to get any info about mattress size. i would rather just extend it to full length and whack on a full mattress then get the rather thin mattress that comes in three pieces. so if anyone reading this knows anything about the ikea minnen bed or has any other suggestions please comment!!!! please!!!

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