Sunday, June 10, 2012

where did my baby go?

my baby turned 2. where has the time gone? she had a lovely birthday and was quite spoilt. in the morning a little wooden doll wardrobe was waiting for her filled with presents. stu thinks i just bought the wardrobe to use as a prop but i swear i was only thinking of her (could come in handy for shop photos though). MAY 2012 012

it was very exciting as you can see...

MAY 2012 014

 the sweet dolly is from miss kiki of cherry blossom lane and i made her flora the dachshund necklace (pattern by wee wonderfuls)

MAY 2012 015
Flora the dachshund necklace

and i made this strawberry hair clip..

MAY 2012 005

cupcakes were shared later that morning with playgroup friends

MAY 2012 009

and the main event was held on the weekend when all the family came around to help celebrate. do you like my party dress? looking so grown up here!

 MAY 2012 024

 dress is by georgie girl.

i made her a dolly varden cake which turned out quite ok. it was chocolate mud cake. yummmmm. she looks pleased with it. i love marshmallows.


 would you believe that i managed to pick the one doll who's legs couldn't be removed? so she went ALL in, legs included :) happy birthday my sweet baby, oops i meant big girl.

Friday, June 8, 2012

thrify find

i just have to brag about my second-hand store find today. i was at the counter paying for something else when i saw this adorable little suitcase on the counter. it had just been dropped off by someone apparently. how's that for timing!? she asked if i wanted it, ummmm yes!!!! when she opened it up to reveal another smaller identical suitcase inside i had to bite my lip to hold in the squealing. when i got them home i also discovered an Adelaide street directory from 1970 inside the smaller one. handy! the smaller one is 35cm wide. do you love them!? so cute!!