Friday, October 29, 2010

a dress for some bunny special

as you can see gracie's turned out a bit on the large size, it's meant for 6 months old but since she's only 5 months and pint sized i'm not surprised it's a bit baggy. bunny is loving her matching dress. she's a bit of a show-off don't you think?! cheeky little rabbit. i love the kitten print. i thought i was very brave to cut into it. i like to hoard my fabrics, but i'm getting better at using them.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a bunny dress and a cushion

i decided to cook a special dinner for stu tonight, just cos i love him. we had a nice juicy t-bone steak with mashed potatoes and steamed green beans. mmmm. twas very nice. the boys had veggie and bean burritos. those boys will eat anything as long as it's wrapped in some kind of bread or tortilla. avacado, lettuce, you name it. if it's in a wrap, it's a snap. did you like that? i did.

so i've had this paper pieced hexagon thingy hanging around the sewing room for a few months now and i finally did something with it yesterday. i threw it in the bin. noooo i didn't do that. i made a cushion cover for the rocking chair in harrison's room. i hand sewed the hexagon 'thingy' (ok, let's get real, it's a flower. don't tell harrison) on by hand and i'm happy with the results. it matches his curtains. awwwww.

today i went nuts with housework until lunchtime. lachlan hates it when i mop the floors. i had to make believe we were in boats as we sat on the lounge waiting for the floors to dry. i rewarded myself for doing such a darn good job cleaning the house by doing a bit of sewing in the afternoon. i made a little doll's dress. the doll for which it was intended for was a bit too small for it but it fits the bunny perfectly. she already had a nice dress on but a bunny can never have too many cute dresses now can she? she kinda looks like she's been sent to the naughty corner in the first photo. i don't know if she liked the dress. you see, she's japanese and i don't speak a damn word of it. the dress is reversible so all the photos are of the same dress. i'm thinking matching gracie and dolly dresses later on...

tonight after dinner i announced to the boys that there would be a treat for them tonight and before i have even told them what it was harrison has said 'yaaaaay!' and has scrambled into his highchair. ummmm no, not that kind of treat. instead of reading stories tonight we would watch 'the gruffalo'. so we all watched it together. have you seen it? i love it. heck even stu liked it. i love the music and i love that it's just a tiny bit scary for them. lachie and i just about know it word for word. we've read that book a gazillion times, it's one of his favourites. ok mine too!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

introducing Beebee!

another wee wonderful doll completed. bjorn bjornson is one of my favourites so i was quite excited about making him, but mine's a 'her' and her name is beebee. i actually bought some really nice soft faux fur (expensive!?) to make her out of, but i sorta chickened out when i got home and did her with some yellow fleece that i already had. so she's kind of a practice bear but i think she turned out kinda cute. she has little black beads for her eyes and a wool felt nose. the fleece was slightly nightmarish to work with because of the stretch but other than that she was really fun to make. slightly wonky but charming. only took two afternoon nap times to get her done. she's going to be for gracie, but only for sitting on the shelf and looking sweet. i may allow her to come down for tea parties one day. maybe. since gracie's room is still bare (bad mummy) i took a photo of beebee sitting next to a pile of fabric which i'll be using to decorate her room, eventually. i'll definitely make another one with the fur one day, and i might just keep that one for myself!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

rain rain go away

october is a funny weather month isn't it? so unpredictable. so warm and sunny one day and then cold and wet the next. we were looking forward to going to the clare show today but it's pouring with rain, so it's a no-go. i didn't mention it to lachie just in case the weather was bad, so he's not dissapointed. it feels like a good day to take a trip to the city on the train though. lachie has never ever been on a train so it will be soooooo exciting for him. we had to stop for a long freight train on the way to st kilda last weekend and that was thrilling enough for him! a real live train in action! yesssss!

anyway, i have completed another wee wonderful doll. this time i did doxie necklace. since gracie is only 4 months old it seemed a bit silly to make her one so i did a boyish one for lachie and pinned it on his bag. i picked out some pretty fabrics to make some girly ones too, i figured i might be able to knock out a couple. yeah right! i'm done with doxie for now! it didn't take tooooo long, it was just sooooooo freakin tiny and fiddly! i was so tense while turing it inside out i thought i was going to chip a tooth. i actually failed at the first attempt. i butchered the tail while turning it to the right side. it was such a mess. i think the final result turned out pretty cute though. i'm happy with it. we've named him 'floyd'. names like that should be reserved for pets and toys only.

have a nice weekend everyone and check out these amazing masks too :

i loooooooooove them and i want alllllll of them!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bed dilemma

the bed dilemma. i can't find one!? where are all the nice single beds in adelaide? well it's not so much that i haven't seen a nice one, just haven't seen the right one for harrison. i almost need to use a shoe horn to get gracie out of the bassinet so it's time to move her in to the cot which of course means booting harrison out of the cot and getting him in to a bed. i thought i'd just be able to browse a few bed stores and find what we needed but oh no that would just be too convenient and easy wouldn't it? i would have liked to be more organised and had harrison in a bed before gracie was even born but i just couldn't find one that suited back then. i don't want a white bed or a huge chunky wooden bed. i don't want anything too modern looking either that's going to look ugly and out of place in a couple of years. it also can't be too high since harrison is a very small boy for his age and also extremely clumsy. he has a gorgeous dresser and drawer set which is cream and his curtains are green, blue and off white. the best thing i can come up with at the moment is the ikea minnen bed, pictured below. however i can't seem to get any info about mattress size. i would rather just extend it to full length and whack on a full mattress then get the rather thin mattress that comes in three pieces. so if anyone reading this knows anything about the ikea minnen bed or has any other suggestions please comment!!!! please!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

shop is open

as you might have noticed i have a new button over there on the right. yep, i've finally opened my shop! so exciting! there's already a bunch of stuff in there including sock monkeys and crayon rolls. tonight i've just made myself a cute bow. i shoved it on a headband but i think i'll put them on clips if i make them for the shop, easier to post that way.

had a nice browse around the norwood market yesterday. didn't see a whole lot worth parting with my precious pennies for but i did get a playsuit for gracie which was totally adorable with lil bunnies all over it and a steal at just 10 bucks. afterwards we had an ice cream and then took a stroll down the parade. managed to drag them in to one of my favourite shops, seed. ohhhhh i like that shop. so many pretty girls clothes. i'm ashamed to say i barely even looked at the boys stuff. then took those sticky ice cream faced boys home but not before stopping at the playground for a run around.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

new books

a bit blog-happy tonight aren't i?! ok so i first came across this book a while back but i didn't buy it and always thought about it and wished i had. so when i stumbled across it again this week i wasn't leaving the shop without it! i'm not like a huge obsessed elvis fan who dresses up and goes to conventions or anything, i do however adore the photography in this stunning book. it's so personal, so romantic. and let's face it, he is quite dreamy don't you think?

and now for something completely different! happy gloves! cute duckies...

...little frog....

...and a chipmunk...

hope you're having a fabulous weekend. we had a super fun day at st kilda playground today and i'm hoping to check out the norwood baby and child market tomorrow.


just wanted to share this photo of my children. i wanted a photo of them all together but i ended up almost giving up because there was always at least two of them not looking at the camera whenever i took a picture. this photo i think is just perfect though and it says so much.

Friday, October 8, 2010

it was a beautiful day for the auburn market on sunday. it was lots of fun and i even sold some stuff. yesssss. there was a lot of interest in the drool bibs and crayon rolls and lots of ooooh's and ahhhh's over the baby shoes. i want to say a big thanks to stu, lachie, maurice, mum, and verena for helping me on the day and also thanks to everyone else who came along and supported me in which ever way they could. also thanks to my dad (happy b'day dad!) and hazel and to my dear niece eleanor who spent her pocket money at my stall on some clips xD. i couldn't have done it without you guys so thanks!