Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a bunny dress and a cushion

i decided to cook a special dinner for stu tonight, just cos i love him. we had a nice juicy t-bone steak with mashed potatoes and steamed green beans. mmmm. twas very nice. the boys had veggie and bean burritos. those boys will eat anything as long as it's wrapped in some kind of bread or tortilla. avacado, lettuce, you name it. if it's in a wrap, it's a snap. did you like that? i did.

so i've had this paper pieced hexagon thingy hanging around the sewing room for a few months now and i finally did something with it yesterday. i threw it in the bin. noooo i didn't do that. i made a cushion cover for the rocking chair in harrison's room. i hand sewed the hexagon 'thingy' (ok, let's get real, it's a flower. don't tell harrison) on by hand and i'm happy with the results. it matches his curtains. awwwww.

today i went nuts with housework until lunchtime. lachlan hates it when i mop the floors. i had to make believe we were in boats as we sat on the lounge waiting for the floors to dry. i rewarded myself for doing such a darn good job cleaning the house by doing a bit of sewing in the afternoon. i made a little doll's dress. the doll for which it was intended for was a bit too small for it but it fits the bunny perfectly. she already had a nice dress on but a bunny can never have too many cute dresses now can she? she kinda looks like she's been sent to the naughty corner in the first photo. i don't know if she liked the dress. you see, she's japanese and i don't speak a damn word of it. the dress is reversible so all the photos are of the same dress. i'm thinking matching gracie and dolly dresses later on...

tonight after dinner i announced to the boys that there would be a treat for them tonight and before i have even told them what it was harrison has said 'yaaaaay!' and has scrambled into his highchair. ummmm no, not that kind of treat. instead of reading stories tonight we would watch 'the gruffalo'. so we all watched it together. have you seen it? i love it. heck even stu liked it. i love the music and i love that it's just a tiny bit scary for them. lachie and i just about know it word for word. we've read that book a gazillion times, it's one of his favourites. ok mine too!

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