Saturday, October 16, 2010

rain rain go away

october is a funny weather month isn't it? so unpredictable. so warm and sunny one day and then cold and wet the next. we were looking forward to going to the clare show today but it's pouring with rain, so it's a no-go. i didn't mention it to lachie just in case the weather was bad, so he's not dissapointed. it feels like a good day to take a trip to the city on the train though. lachie has never ever been on a train so it will be soooooo exciting for him. we had to stop for a long freight train on the way to st kilda last weekend and that was thrilling enough for him! a real live train in action! yesssss!

anyway, i have completed another wee wonderful doll. this time i did doxie necklace. since gracie is only 4 months old it seemed a bit silly to make her one so i did a boyish one for lachie and pinned it on his bag. i picked out some pretty fabrics to make some girly ones too, i figured i might be able to knock out a couple. yeah right! i'm done with doxie for now! it didn't take tooooo long, it was just sooooooo freakin tiny and fiddly! i was so tense while turing it inside out i thought i was going to chip a tooth. i actually failed at the first attempt. i butchered the tail while turning it to the right side. it was such a mess. i think the final result turned out pretty cute though. i'm happy with it. we've named him 'floyd'. names like that should be reserved for pets and toys only.

have a nice weekend everyone and check out these amazing masks too :

i loooooooooove them and i want alllllll of them!

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  1. That is the cutest little thing ever!!! Mif