Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's been such a busy few weeks i've hardly had time to think! i've turfed the boys off to daycare today and gracie and i are gonna get a whole bunch of stuff finished for the market. well, gracie is hopefully going to have a couple of decent sleeps but i'm sure she'd help if she could. sewing music is about to go on. it's usually 'air' but i think i'm gonna have to pull out the cleaning music today. empire of the sun will get me through it! the overlocker is untangled and rearing to go. can't you tell i'm trying to rev myself up here :/. getting slightly overwhelmed but i don't have time to have a break down. new ideas are coming to me all the time, my little journal is almost full. i'm excited to start my little shop on the 'madeit' website so i can start making stuff from all these ideas at my own pace. even though it gets a bit stressful doing a market i must admit i do feel proud when it all comes together in the end. hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

crayon rolls

here's a bunch of crayon rolls that i'm about to topstitch. it would be tempting to just set them aside and go to bed. hmmm. i'm thinkin' about it. i'm already soooo behind in my sewing though. sigh. i'll do it tonight. i love the top one the best. the fabric is much brighter than this terrible photo shows. i love the one underneath it too. robots sitting around a camp fire. it works for me. harrison has scored himself one cos i kinda don't write stuff down as i'm making stuff and i forget the next time how i made it the first time. so i sewed the button on in the wrong spot, fail. i feel kinda bad that my children get all the testers and the rejects, bad advertising for my brand really. i hope you appreciate this post as my 'y' is not working well, i have to bash it to make it work.

Monday, September 13, 2010

good morning!

it's tough when you have to wake up and see this sort of thing while you're having a cup of tea in your lounge room.

these guys were grazing at the back fence last week and now this is them again but at the front of the house. this time i actually got a couple of decent photos, only through the window. the boys saw them too, i get more excited though. they're a bit more country than me i guess. as you can probably tell we're having a stare-off. i think they heard us before they saw us. they didn't jump away though, they continued grazing after i won the stare-off. oh dear, i must get stu on to cleaning the windows in his spare time :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

baby mj's are here!!!

...well they're on their way! i've been working on a pattern for these for quite some time, started it over a year ago and recently decided to finally finish it and now i have my gracie to test them out. she loves them. she said so. i'm really really pleased with the result and guess what? they don't fall off! yay! the other great thing is they are completely reversible so i'm going to have a lot of fun choosing fabrics for these babies. i hope to get some done for the market, however they are very fiddly and take a bit of time so i'll see how i go, i think the results are worth all the effort though, what do you think?

in other news, gracie has started laughing. it's so funny. i have to start a fake laugh to get her started but once she starts, it makes me laugh for real, and then she laughs more and you get the picture... two sillies laughing at each other!