Friday, February 4, 2011

thrifty treasures

Jan 11 097

found these beauties at the oppy shop yesterday. last time i popped in there they had no doilies at all so i was almost hyperventilating while going through the big pile. they all need a good wash and press obviously. how lovely is this green?!...

Jan 11 101

... and embroidered butterflies and flowers

Jan 11 098

... pretty crochet border

Jan 11 099

i'm looking forward to creating lovely things with those. i'm having a quiet day with gracie today and i've just been clearing a space for some cutting and maybe even some sewing if i get time. i only have a small room which i share with stu for my sewing and it gets cluttered up very quickly. yesterday i was desperately searching for a ruler when lachlan kindly suggested that perhaps if i tidy up my things i might be able to find it. well what could i say to that!? he was right. i should definitely practice what i preach.