Friday, July 27, 2012

thrifty friday finds

picked up this adorable suitcase today. yes, i seem to have a 'thing' for old suitcases. also got a couple of vintage doll blankets. the one on the top is to die for. so so pretty! hope you have had a lovely week. it is cold and wet here. perfect sewing and knitting weather. yes, i said knitting! totally thinking about knitting something..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Collaborate for a Cause 2012

Collaborate for a cause is on this weekend! A bunch of facebook pages who sell handmade items collaborate with other pages and make things to be sold by auction. All the proceeds go to a charity of the collaborating partners choice. There are  hundreds of collaborations this year, it's very exciting! I was very lucky to be working with Yumminess Textiles and One Sixteenth Designs this year and we decided to go with a vintage birthday theme. here's what we came up with...


all the proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to Bowel Cancer Australia.

this stunning set (size 2) was made by Yumminess Textiles:


birthday invitations and bunting by One Sixteenth Designs:



and my contribution was this topsy turvy tiny tot doll:

SHOP JULY 2012 060

SHOP JULY 2012 059

SHOP JULY 2012 058

she's a sleeping baby on one side and a little girl on the other! we had so much fun putting these items together. if you're on facebook please check out the Collaborate for a cause page and have a look at all the entries.

Monday, July 23, 2012

a personal project

the kids and i recently gave our p&t 'dash' pram a good wash. we stripped it down until we were left with the seat and frame and gave all the pieces we took off a hot soapy bath. the rest was hosed down outside. i replaced the sun damaged hood with a brand new one and now we have a decent looking pram again. i can't believe i managed to get all the bits and pieces back together correctly. actually i'm not 100% sure the straps are on correctly but it's close enough! after it dried and before i folded it up and popped it back in the car i thought i'd make a pram liner for the back seat. i've been meaning to do this since we first got this pram two years ago but as usual life got in the way. i basically just made a pattern from the existing boring grey liner that was already in the seat. it's just stuck down with velcro and you can take right out. i used some heavy cotton canvas for one side and some flannelette for the reverse. i think i like the pink flannelette side best. i'll make some strap covers to match as well and eventually another liner for the main seat but in the meantime here it is...

I made a pram liner