Thursday, July 29, 2010


the boys had a great time on tuesday feeding the ducks at kapunda. harrison loves ducks. good times.

these are the muffins made from gary's cookbook although i couldn't get rasberries so i used strawberry and apple instead. they aren't exactly uniform in size, had some baking paper issues. they are however delicious. definitely the best muffin recipe i've tried.

Monday, July 26, 2010

well dinner turned out really nice. the duck was so tender. it even got the 'you can make that again' from stuart. so i shall.. make it again.
the boys pj's are done too however i under estimated the size of lachlan's and didn't have enough robots for both of them so harrison has helicopters and aeroplanes instead. getting a picture of them both standing together was difficult. had to take a million shots. then the penny dropped, i'd been saying 'ready, steady, go' every time i took a shot, without even realising i was saying it (?!) so harrison kept taking off at 'go', duh. what is up with the first photo? lookin like manikins or something, spooky. speaking of lachlan's size, he had his health check at kindy today and it turns out he is tall!? we get told that all the time but i didn't think he was, now i know.

list it, do it.

things to do today:

make boys pj pants. lachie wants his with buttons "you can do it mum!". hmm, maybe a button for decorative purposes will satisfy him.

make dinner, devilled sausages to freeze for another night and tonight's crispy skinned duck with warm brussel sprout salad.

cut out bag pieces to make a bag for myself (wow! something for myself?!)

wash a load of towels, excitement plus there.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fountain Sauces - Julie's Recipes

Fountain Sauces - Julie's Recipes

just had this great dip at my mum's this afternoon. i must say though, my mum's version looked much nicer than the one in the picture. harrison couldn't get enough of it so i'll definitely be making that one sometime. took a trip to spotlight this weekend. their fabric section has been quite uninspiring lately except for some surprisingly nice flannelette. cute robots which i thought would make nice pj's for the boys and i picked up the bird print a few weeks ago which i might keep for some pj pants for myself. i'm hoping the tulle i ordered from an online bridal shop will arrive this week for making tutu's. i never thought i'd ever find myself making tutu's! how things change eh?

Friday, July 23, 2010


welcome to my blog followers, all none of you. just been flipping through gary's cookbook titled comfort food. it all looks soooo delicious! can't wait to make something from it. gary is my favourite judge on masterchef. i love his enthusiasm and excitement for food and there's something about him that reminds me of myself. i'm not sure what it is though, maybe it's the hair. anyways i'm thinking about making pasta from scratch this weekend. never done it before but it looks fun. i think lachie would love to help with that. he loves anything to do with cooking. he even gets excited to browse around the general trader, looking at all the baking pans and pots with wide eyes. a future chef?