Thursday, October 21, 2010

introducing Beebee!

another wee wonderful doll completed. bjorn bjornson is one of my favourites so i was quite excited about making him, but mine's a 'her' and her name is beebee. i actually bought some really nice soft faux fur (expensive!?) to make her out of, but i sorta chickened out when i got home and did her with some yellow fleece that i already had. so she's kind of a practice bear but i think she turned out kinda cute. she has little black beads for her eyes and a wool felt nose. the fleece was slightly nightmarish to work with because of the stretch but other than that she was really fun to make. slightly wonky but charming. only took two afternoon nap times to get her done. she's going to be for gracie, but only for sitting on the shelf and looking sweet. i may allow her to come down for tea parties one day. maybe. since gracie's room is still bare (bad mummy) i took a photo of beebee sitting next to a pile of fabric which i'll be using to decorate her room, eventually. i'll definitely make another one with the fur one day, and i might just keep that one for myself!

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