Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rich and dark is how i like it ;)

beetroot risotto. recipe from comfort food, gary mehigan. interesting colour, it tasted good. it didn't turn out as loose and i wanted it, the stock kept running dry but it will be better next time. i saved us the calories and omitted the extra 30g of butter that was supposed to be added at the end of cooking.
and here is dessert. chocolate brownie cake. soooooo good. see, that's why i didn't add that extra butter to the risotto, so we could eat cake afterwards. he he.

i finally got gracie's crochet edge blanket done the other night. i like it. lachlan has put in a request for one with dinosaurs and blue crochet edge. sure lachlan i'll just add it to the never ending craft list. i just tried to make a flower shaped yo yo with one of those clover gadgets. FAIL. sadly i even tried twice and both times it just looked like a scrunched up bit of cloth. i think i'll stick to the plain round ones. i'll post the brownie cake recipe sometime this week in case anyone wants to try it.

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