Monday, August 2, 2010


august wee wonderful mermaiden is done! yippee! i'm pretty happy with her. she took much longer than i expected. so much hand sewing. my fingers are killin'. her hair is parted to the opposite side than what was pictured in the book cos it just looked better that side (ok so i stuffed up the stitching on one side). i reckon i'll make another one, maybe purple hair next time. i hope i can keep up this doll-a-month challenge. it'd be great to see 24 of them all lined up together.
now i don't have photo evidence of this, that would be cruel, but today harrison was wearing a red skivy bodysuit, leopard print pants, ugg boots and a mohawk. if you'd like me to dress your children just call me and i'll book you in xD. a mohawk you say? yes he has a mohawk. that's what happens when you leave your child with your partner for 10 mins while you take your other child to the toilet at the shops. now i don't mind lachie with a crazy hair style like that cos he can get away with looking a bit more edgy. harrison on the other hand suits a more preppy style. nevermind, it will grow back very quickly.

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