Tuesday, August 24, 2010

drawings by lachlan

as you might know lachlan has been behind in pretty much every area of development since about 6 months of age, which is something we will be investigating further soon, so it's pretty exciting for me to see him drawing pictures now instead of just scribbles. above is 'robie' the real robie is the one on the left in case you couldn't tell.
this is lachlan with his kindy pal noah. note noah's glasses :) such attention to detail!

this is one of my favourites. a shark surrounded by bubbles. he has since been drawing them with top and bottom fins too.

a happy fellow. what i am loving about these drawings is i have had no input in them at all, except the praise when he's done of course! it's all from his head, all his ideas.

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  1. Love the shark pic, he's one talented artist. Mif.