Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sew chick

a pin cushion swap! how could i resist? i've been wanting a new pin cushion for a while so i was very excited to read about the handmade pin cushion swap over on the Oopsidaisi facebook page. i've got about a bazillion other things to sew up so i threw myself straight in to my pin cushion project so i could continue on with the other things i needed to do. it's nice to take a break and made something purely for fun and not for selling. so here she is...

'Sew chick' pin cushion

the piping was a little challenging but i think it's good to push yourself and try things that you're not entirely comfortable with sometimes. it's far from perfect but i put a lot of heart in to it so i hope the recipient will feel and see that. here's the side view..

'Sew chick' pin cushion side view

i'm not going to be selling these mainly because it was so time consuming to make and the appliqué design is not my own but taken from a japanese craft book but it did give me a few ideas for other pin cushions so in to the ideas notebook they go and maybe one day a three kittens pin cushion will pop up in my shop.


  1. I really really want to buy one, I can't swap cause I have no sewing skills (although I do attempt various projects so do need a pin cushion), so please add these to your shop soon ;)

  2. thanks so much for your kind comments, it made my day! there is not enough time in the world to make everything i want but i do try!