Tuesday, October 18, 2011

dreamy little fox

i've made another pin cushion for the Oopsidaisi pincushion swap. i was inspired by the 'Sleepy Fox' from the Felties book...

Felties book

and i had the perfect fabric to appliqué it to...

dreamy little fox

to be honest he was looking a whole lot cuter before i butchered him with my primitive blanket stitch. i showed it to lachie first and i got 'oh, it's a sleepy lil puppy dog' ummmm thanks, run along now son. and then i showed it to mr three kittens and i got 'oh how cute! a little owl' errrr no, really truly not an owl. so at this point i'm feeling a little deflated but after some lovely comments on my facebook page i am feeling much better (it's got character you know?) and i have submitted it to the swap. i've been really loving admiring all the entries so far, some peeps are really stitching there heart out, hardcore style. love it. have you entered one yet? i started a crochet one but i lost interest half way through. i'm kinda hoping someone will crochet one but it aint gonna be me.

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