Wednesday, December 15, 2010

so it's been a bit crazy around here lately with appointments, end of year concert, christmas baking, christmas present making, lots of sales in the shop... crazy! but good. almost every day i'm dragging the little ones down to the post office with packages to deliver, i love it! next year i'll definitely be more prepared for this time of the year with more things in the shop.

i made a taggy scrunchy toy thingy for gracie, might have made it before she was born actually and she looooves it. i always make sure it's attached to the pram or the car seat and it keeps her entertained for quite a while. it's very simple but very stimulating for a small baby with all the different tags and ribbons and high contrast colours. she loves the scrunchie sound it makes, her eyeballs almost fell out of her head the first time she heard it. so i made a bunch for the shop and the first lot sold like hot cakes! so i made a few more and sold those too and now i'm down to four left and then that is IT for that particular fabric. no more left :'( i'll keep my eye out for any floating about on the net but i don't like my chances. the animals are soooo cute, wish i'd bought more! so if you want one, go and get one pronto. only four left peoples! i like 'bucky beaver'.

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