Thursday, December 30, 2010

..another dress

seems i'm a bit of a roll with the little dresses so i'm just going to go with it for a while. kinda want to make one for myself but that's a whoooooole lotta fabric and i'm stingy :) i'm really happy with this latest one. i bought the fabric at least a year ago, intending to make myself a skirt and it's been sitting very patiently in the cupboard until now. occasionally i'll pick it up, only to put it down again and go with something else. i'm glad i finally used it because it didn't look very exciting against all the other fabric but it was perfect for this little dress and now i wish i had bought more. it's 100% japanese cotton and very light and summery. matching knickers are definitely in the works.

dress made in dec 10

dress made in dec 10

it's lucky it fitted her since i did it all without trying it on her once. normally i would put it on her before determining the strap length and position however i didn't want to disturb her beauty sleep.

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