Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's been such a busy few weeks i've hardly had time to think! i've turfed the boys off to daycare today and gracie and i are gonna get a whole bunch of stuff finished for the market. well, gracie is hopefully going to have a couple of decent sleeps but i'm sure she'd help if she could. sewing music is about to go on. it's usually 'air' but i think i'm gonna have to pull out the cleaning music today. empire of the sun will get me through it! the overlocker is untangled and rearing to go. can't you tell i'm trying to rev myself up here :/. getting slightly overwhelmed but i don't have time to have a break down. new ideas are coming to me all the time, my little journal is almost full. i'm excited to start my little shop on the 'madeit' website so i can start making stuff from all these ideas at my own pace. even though it gets a bit stressful doing a market i must admit i do feel proud when it all comes together in the end. hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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