Sunday, September 26, 2010

crayon rolls

here's a bunch of crayon rolls that i'm about to topstitch. it would be tempting to just set them aside and go to bed. hmmm. i'm thinkin' about it. i'm already soooo behind in my sewing though. sigh. i'll do it tonight. i love the top one the best. the fabric is much brighter than this terrible photo shows. i love the one underneath it too. robots sitting around a camp fire. it works for me. harrison has scored himself one cos i kinda don't write stuff down as i'm making stuff and i forget the next time how i made it the first time. so i sewed the button on in the wrong spot, fail. i feel kinda bad that my children get all the testers and the rejects, bad advertising for my brand really. i hope you appreciate this post as my 'y' is not working well, i have to bash it to make it work.

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