Friday, July 26, 2013

Collaborate for a cause 2013 (part II)

The second collaboration i was involved in this year is with the talented and always delightful Mariane of Cook You Some Noodles. I have been a huge fan of hers for quite some time now so it was great to work together on this project. Our chosen charity for this is Beyond Blue and you can read more about this wonderful charity right here. It's not something i talk about much outside my family but as a sufferer of anxiety/depression i thought this would be a great cause to support. According to the Beyond Blue website there are 3 million people in Australia living with depression or anxiety. This is obviously a big problem here.

Mariane has created a darling one of a kind MTTD featuring a beautiful bonnet, knee high boots and a dress made from special silky soft apple fabric.

...and would you check out her striped tights! she's way too cute!!! here is another shot showing some more details of her bonnet...

She is seriously adorable. To go with the doll i have created a pair of baby shoes in size 6-9 months from the same special apple fabric. They have non-slip soles for added traction for the crawling or pulling to stand babies and elastic at the ankle helps them to stay on. They feature a pretty bow and the soles are padded.

I have also created one of my squishy loveable sock monkeys...

He (or she?) is quite a cheeky thing as they often are and needs to find a home where he'll get lots of cuddles. He'd love to go on trips to the shops and the playground too, but remember to bring him home again!

Oh dear... what's happening here?

The shoes are for babies. Not for sock monkeys!

Please bid generously on our items for Beyond Blue in the Collaborate for a cause auction. Go on, have a bid now, over here :)

Thanks Mariane for working with me on this!

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  1. Pleasure, my dear. My ever constant source of smiles and laughter ~ thank you!