Monday, July 23, 2012

a personal project

the kids and i recently gave our p&t 'dash' pram a good wash. we stripped it down until we were left with the seat and frame and gave all the pieces we took off a hot soapy bath. the rest was hosed down outside. i replaced the sun damaged hood with a brand new one and now we have a decent looking pram again. i can't believe i managed to get all the bits and pieces back together correctly. actually i'm not 100% sure the straps are on correctly but it's close enough! after it dried and before i folded it up and popped it back in the car i thought i'd make a pram liner for the back seat. i've been meaning to do this since we first got this pram two years ago but as usual life got in the way. i basically just made a pattern from the existing boring grey liner that was already in the seat. it's just stuck down with velcro and you can take right out. i used some heavy cotton canvas for one side and some flannelette for the reverse. i think i like the pink flannelette side best. i'll make some strap covers to match as well and eventually another liner for the main seat but in the meantime here it is...

I made a pram liner

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