Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kiss yer dolly

i have been making dolls a lot lately. i have been working on my own 'three kittens' doll for quite some time, actually still playing with ideas that are now years old. in the meantime however i have become addicted to the gorgeous dolls and daydreams patterns. so fun to make! here's a few i've made so far...

these ones are 'tiny tots'

tiny tots

tiny tot

tiny tot

tiny tot

and here's a baby! awwwww!

tiny tot baby

and i just finished this garden fairy today and boy was she hard work! i think it was worth it though

Garden Fairy

i like the baby the best. i want a bunch of them for myself.


  1. Ahhh beautiful little dolls.. I love the garden fairy.. do you think she would help with my new vegetable patch? :)x

  2. yes i think she's channelling all her energy in to your garden because she certainly isn't doing anything for ours!!

  3. Oh you make my blog look pitterful Cassie..I better lift my game : )