Thursday, September 15, 2011

crochet dishcloths

these beauties were crocheted for me by my mum. they can be used as dishcloths or washcloths for your face. i never use those ugly old chux anymore. these can be washed over and over and plus they look pretty. i have a bunch more including some i made for the kidlets to use in the bath but these are the more new and fresh ones of the bunch. the one at the bottom has already been through the wash a couple of times and still looks great. dishcloths are the perfect beginners crochet project because they are quick and easy to make. you don't have to make them as fancy as the ones my mum has made. i just crochet a kind of rib pattern for mine with colourful cotton yarn.

in other news...

a huge congratulations to CAPRICE for winning my Gracie dress set in the Handmade Kids blog competition. i read every entry and loved them all, very creative! i even entered for a couple of the prizes myself with the lamest poems ever in the history of lame poetry. speaking of giveaways my own facebook page has just reached 200 likers and i'm starting to think about my 400 liker celebration giveaway. just have to decide what to give away...?

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