Friday, April 1, 2011

Hooray for Crochet!

i love this time of the year and not just because it's my birthday later this month :) my favourite kind of weather is cool/sunny. i love autumn. and as the days start to cool off my stubby little fingers start to get restless and yearn for the soft feel of yarn running through them. lets not go in to the hand tingles, sore wrists, blurry eyes (need glasses much?), headaches (need glasses much?) and blisters. i forget all about that at the beginning of crochet season. last year i started making granny squares purely to use up my ever growing stash. they are fairly random, not even particulary nice colours but the idea was to tie them all in together by using the blue for the first and last rows. the plan is then to join them all together with the red. it should end up a nice size for gracie to use in the pram. Granny squares i let gracie sit on the pile and test it for softness. she approves. she enjoyed throwing them off the desk and wiping them on my face. i hope she wont be too sad when they're all joined together. Granny squares the jumper gracie is wearing was crocheted by me during the many appointments and hospital stays i had to endure whilst being pregnant with her. i don't do pregnancy well. i was very excited to discover that it fits her now and there's plenty of growing room left. it looks far cuter on her than i imagined. she had another one for when she was born, plus one my mum made which she wore home from the hospital. i've also made one, at least i think it's finished, for harrison. must dig that one up sometime. Gracie with 'Bear'


  1. I really want to learn to crochet this winter! I love those little squares...all joined up together in a cosy soft blankie!

  2. it's very addictive! i'm a visual learner and i learnt most of what i know from you tube. Art of Crochet by Teresa, she is a crochet master and a great teacher.