Monday, November 8, 2010

beachy birthday

my harrison has turned 2! actually his birthday was the weekend before last but we celebrated it this weeked. and what perfect weather it was for his beach party! in keeping with the beach theme i made him a sandcastle birthday cake....

complete with crab and shells. delicious chocolatey shells. i was surprised how much it actually looked like a real sandcastle?! and the crab looks totally real huh? ok, maybe not :) the cake was chocolate and under the 'sand' is chocolate icing. i tried to cut out turrents but it was a bit tricky to ice. here's the birthday boy wearing and sitting in his birthday pressies....

fish and chippies were eaten at the beach followed by birthday cake. the cake was placed in front of harrison and he immedietly shoved the crab in his mouth thinking it was edible. his face expression after feeling the fuzzy felt in his mouth was priceless.

sandcastles were built and decorated....

it was a perfect day, even warm enough for a swim. the water was beautiful and clear. gracie had an excellent first time at the beach, sleeping the day away.

happy birthday my darling harrison! xxx

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