Monday, July 26, 2010

well dinner turned out really nice. the duck was so tender. it even got the 'you can make that again' from stuart. so i shall.. make it again.
the boys pj's are done too however i under estimated the size of lachlan's and didn't have enough robots for both of them so harrison has helicopters and aeroplanes instead. getting a picture of them both standing together was difficult. had to take a million shots. then the penny dropped, i'd been saying 'ready, steady, go' every time i took a shot, without even realising i was saying it (?!) so harrison kept taking off at 'go', duh. what is up with the first photo? lookin like manikins or something, spooky. speaking of lachlan's size, he had his health check at kindy today and it turns out he is tall!? we get told that all the time but i didn't think he was, now i know.

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